Expedia, Why Are You Shouting?

I recently got an email from Expedia. Asking me to shout about my trip to Minneapolis. At first, I thought they somehow got the impression my flights were bad (they weren’t). All because they said shout.

After I opened the email, it was finally clear what Expedia was after: they wanted my feedback. And they were trying to have a little fun with it (hello, inquisitive giraffe!).

Email from Expedia

So confusing! Why not just ask for feedback up front? Next time, Expedia, please be more more direct.


Lately, I’ve noticed the need to have a space. Specifically, a space to collect, reflect, observe, think out loud. To get things out of my head. To be vulnerable. To be out there.

So, I reckon, let’s give this blogging thing a shot.

And it seems only fitting that I’m launching myself into the blogosphere at #ConfabMN.